13 stunning bridges across the world

I’ve always found bridges fascinating. I find them elegant, I love the countless types of architecture they can have and I enjoy crossing them to admire the landscape from a different perspective. During my travels, I saw a lot of beautiful bridges all around the world and I wanted to write this article to show you some of them. From super famous places to others that you probably never heard about, here’s a non-exhaustive list of 13 gorgeous bridges across the world.

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1/ Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (United States)


I’ll start with one of the most famous bridges in the whole world. Everyone has already seen pictures of this iconic red monument, spanning the entrance of the San Francisco Bay. Since my trip on the American West Coast in 2018, I can confirm that it’s even more impressive to see it for real! The view from the North side of the Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco in the background is hard to beat.

2/ Kappellbrücke, Lucerne (Switzerland)


Located in Lucerne, pretty much in the middle of Switzerland, this footbridge is covered with a wooden structure which gives it its beauty… but is also its weakness. It burned down in 1993 but luckily was quickly restored. I’ve always found Lucerne to be the most beautiful city of Switzerland, and I’m not the only one thinking it: the Kappellbrücke (which literally means “Chapel Bridge”) is supposed to be the most photographed monument in the country.

3/ Harbour Bridge, Sydney (Australia)

Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge

Another super iconic bridge, one of the symbols of Australia. The panorama that it forms with its famous neighbour the Sydney Opera House is simply stunning. When I was in Sydney in 2016 and 2019, I took the ferry to the Manly twice and always came back at sunset, just in time to admire the silhouette of the Harbour Bridge standing out against an incredible red, orange and purple sky. I also walked across it for a nice walk in the suburb of Kirribilli on the other side of the harbour and took dozens of pictures of it: here’s a little selection.

4/ Bridges of Amsterdam (Netherlands)


To be honest, I didn’t like Amsterdam so much. Not because of the city itself, which is really pretty, but mostly because of the people visiting it: most of them seemed to be only interested in the coffee shops or in the red light district, which was quite different from what I was looking for. But even if I was a little bit disappointed after my trip in 2015, I still enjoyed a lot the architecture of Amsterdam, its old buildings, its dozens of canals and its innumerable bridges. It is said that there are not less than 2,500 in the city!

5/ Hell’s Gate Canyon Bridge, Quebec (Canada)

Hell's Gate Canyon

When I travelled to Canada in 2017, I first landed in Quebec City and started a road trip around Gaspésie, the South-East part of Quebec. On my second day, I went to the Canyon des Portes de l’Enfer (Hell’s Gate Canyon), where you can find the highest suspension bridge in Quebec: 63m above the ground! As I am quite afraid of heights, it was a bit challenging to cross it…

6/ Story Bridge, Brisbane (Australia)

Brisbane and the Story Bridge

At first I decided not to include the Story Bridge in this list, but then I remembered how beautiful I found it, how much I enjoyed visiting Brisbane and how great was that night sitting on a bench in a quiet park staring at this bridge and at the city behind it… Brisbane was my second favourite city of Australia after Melbourne, and I have great memories of the few days I spent there – I wish I had the occasion to go back someday!

7/ Ponte Dei Salti, Verzasca valley (Switzerland)


I already told you how much I loved the canton of Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The Verzasca valley is another example why I find it so beautiful: it’s a lovely valley formed by the Verzasca river which flows into the Lake Maggiore, at the border with Italy. The Ponte Dei Salti (“Jumps Bridge”) is a gorgeous stone bridge forming two perfect arches over the turquoise-blue river. I would have loved to swim in such a stunning water… but then I remembered that it came directly from the mountains and that it was freezing!

8/ Bridges on the Philosopher’s Walk, Kyoto (Japan)

Philosopher's Walk, Kyoto

kyoto-philosophers-walk-weddingThere are over 1,600 temples in Kyoto. I already described nine of them in a previous article after my trip to Japan during spring 2018, but today I’d like to tell you about another beautiful place in the city: the Philosopher’s Walk. This pedestrian path is located East of Kyoto and takes its name from the Japanese philosopher Nishida Kitaro who used to come here to meditate. It follows a little canal with many cherry blossom trees along the way (the sight is gorgeous during spring when they all bloom) as well as little bridges that are perfect for a nice picture or for a romantic photo shoot if you just got married, like the couple on the picture to the right…

9/ Bixby Creek Bridge, California (United States)

Highway One, Bixby Bridge

Back to the American West Coast with this bridge that I also crossed during that same trip of 2018. It is located on one of the most beautiful roads in the world, the Highway One that follows the coast of California over more than 900km between San Francisco and Los Angeles. This part of the road near the Bixby Creek Bridge and until Big Sur is the most spectacular, with outstanding views over the Pacific Ocean. This stunning bridge also inspired a band I really like, Death Cab For Cutie, for their song Bixby Canyon Bridge which they wrote during a trip in the area.

10/ Bridges on the Hooker Valley track, Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park (New Zealand)


The Hooker Valley track is an easy hike in the South Island of New Zealand which leads from Mount Cook Village to Hooker Lake, at the feet of the highest mountain of the country: Mount Cook, or Aoraki to use its Maori name (3,724m high). Along the track, there are two beautiful suspension bridges that not more than 20 people can cross at the same time: a little bit scary, especially when you imagine how cold the water of the river below is! I did this hike very early in the morning, after a night spent looking at the stars; the entire area is very famous for stargazing, as I explained in a previous article called “Starlight Highway: from turquoise lakes to the top of New Zealand”.

11/ Charles Bridge, Prague (Czech Republic)


The Charles Bridge is the most beautiful and most famous bridge of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. With thousands of tourists crossing it every day as well as street artists or painters showing their artwork, it was impossible for me to take a picture without anyone on it! I visited Prague in July 2017 and loved it: apart from this beautiful bridge, I particularly enjoyed the Old Town, the colours of the John Lennon wall, the view from the castle and the taste of the trdelnik, a delicious pastry typical of central Europe.

12/ Sea Cliff Bridge, New South Wales (Australia)

Sea Cliff Bridge

The first time I saw a picture of this amazing bridge was on Instagram, but I had no idea where it was. Only months later when I was travelling around Sydney did I realise that I was very close to it! It’s actually about 25km North of Wollongong, the third biggest city of New South Wales. This 455m-long bridge built in 2005 is a real architectural masterpiece!


13/ Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, New York (United States)

New York, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan

I couldn’t end this list without what might be the most famous bridge in the world: the Brooklyn Bridge, that I can hardly dissociate from its neighbour the Manhattan Bridge. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy a fabulous view over Manhattan from the other side of the East River was one of the highlights of my trip to New York in 2015! On my last evening in the city, I also walked across the Manhattan Bridge: the view was even better, with the massive silhouette of the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground and the tall skyscrapers in the background.

Bonus – The bridge of Saint-Nazaire (France)


I wouldn’t say that it’s one of the most beautiful bridges in the world (although it has a very elegant curve), but the bridge of Saint-Nazaire crossing the Loire estuary with a total length of 3,356m (which makes it the longest bridge in France) is special to me: Saint-Nazaire is the city where I grew up and it’s where I work now at the Tourist Office. I crossed it dozens of times and even sailed under it during a 2-hour cruise on a lovely summer evening…

What is your favourite bridge in the world? Is it part of this list? Share it in the comments!

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