Just Another Traveller

If you’re visiting this website you may already know me, but if you don’t I guess a little presentation is necessary…

My name is Matthias. I was born in 1988 in Saint-Nazaire, France. In 2011 I moved to Neuchâtel in Switzerland, where I lived and worked for the five next years. During that time I started exploring Europe a little bit and did a first big travel on my own in the summer of 2015 when I went to the United States and Canada for three weeks.


In 2016 I decided to go to Australia for one year with a Working Holiday Visa. I loved it so much that I couldn’t imagine going back to France or Switzerland.

I became one of those travellers that can’t really define the word “home” anymore.

Now, in August 2017, I’m about to leave my hometown for another year of travelling all around the world, before probably going back to Australia by the end of 2018. After that? I don’t know yet…

I’m (obviously) passionate about travel, but also about photography and I love writing so starting a website to share my stories and pictures was kind of the obvious thing to do… I’m a sport addict as well, I do athletics since I was a kid and that’s something I really need in my life; I already feel bad if I can’t go running after only one week. For the rest… I’ll let you discover more about myself by reading my blog!

This website

My goal with this website is to share with you all my travel experiences and all the tips I could give you for your next holidays. I first thought about creating this when I was in Australia, and trust me after one year in this country I have a lot to say about it ! In the next 12 months, I’ll also be travelling all around the world so there will be many new adventures coming soon, and many more memories to share!