My Philosophy

I believe that most of the decisions we’re taking are not entirely our own. They seem to be, but if you look closer we’re actually conditioned in many of our acts by society, family, friends… and it already started when we were kids. You should work hard at school, you should have a good job, you should save money for your retirement ; or on a less important level, you should see that movie, you should go to that place, you should eat more vegetables, etc…

Actually a lot of our actions just consist of following the path that other people created before us.

Let’s be clear, I’m not saying this is bad: it’s for a reason that all these things are considered to be good for us. Obviously it’s better to have money in the bank or have a healthy diet. So yes, most of the time all these things that you should do are actually the right things to do, and most of the people living their life that way will be perfectly happy. But sometimes, if you step back a little bit you might realize that the way you’re spending your days is not the one you dreamt about, and once that feeling hits you it will never leave unless you choose to make your own move.

All my life I did what was supposed to be the best for me; I had good grades at school, graduated as a chemical engineer, found a job in a company in Switzerland and I probably would have had slowly more and more responsabilities in the future. It was a good and well paid position. I had many friends. I was happy.

But one day I woke up and felt that something was missing.

I reached a point where I had a huge lack of excitement in my life. Every day were exactly the same; I liked my job but I started to get bored of it. Even weekends were always similar too : same places for a drink, same people, same conversations… I never met anybody new.

I could have looked for a new job, moved to another city were I would have made new friends; that’s what I should have done, but also this would have been keeping on following that well-known path.

I started to realize that I needed a much bigger change in my life.

Actually it couldn’t get bigger than it became: I decided to quit my job, leave my parents, say goodbye to all of my friends and moved to Australia, more than 16000kms away, on the other side of the world. I wasn’t sure if I was making the right choice, but inside of me I felt that it was exactly what I needed. And for the first time, this was entirely my decision.

You might think this is crazy. Most of my friends are getting married, having kids or buying a house, while I’m travelling without caring too much about the future. But that’s how I choose to live my life now, and it makes me happier than I’ve ever been before. Isn’t it just all that matters?