From Saint-Nazaire in France where it all started to New Zealand on the other side of the planet via Japan, Iceland or Canada, find here all my best recommendations classified by country!


From heavenly beaches to the dry red centre, from the bright lights of Sydney and Melbourne to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is a land of contrasts. A single trip wouldn’t be enough to discover all the treasures of this wonderful island…


Canada is a fascinating country. If you like nature, never-ending forests and wide open spaces, you will love this wild and gigantic land!


It’s hard to imagine a better place than Hawaii to spend a couple of weeks of holidays. Hiking to the top of the volcanoes, sunbathing on white or black sand beaches, snorkelling with turtles and dolphins… There are activities for everyone!


The land of Ice and Fire enjoys an excellent reputation, and Iceland is definitely one of the most beautiful countries I ever visited. A road trip on the “Ring Road” is the best way to explore it!


There aren’t many places in the world with an architectural or historical heritage similar to Italy. The entire country overflows with treasures: Rome, Pompeii, Florence, the Amalfi Coast… and of course the gastronomy!


Unforgettable trip and biggest cultural shock of my life, Japan is a truly unique country. Not many places come close to the beauty and the harmony of the temples of Kyoto! Spring is the best period for a visit, when cherry blossoms are blooming.


Snow-capped mountains, white sand beaches, lakes with unreal colours, impenetrable forests… New Zealand has it all. Travelling around the North and South Islands of this amazing country would be a trip that you’d never forget!


Who never dreamt of seeing the Grand Canyon, wandering in the streets of New-York or surfing on the Californian coast? If like me you always wanted to visit the United States, you’re at the right spot. Enjoy your visit!