It’s hard to imagine a better place than Hawaii to spend a couple of weeks of holidays. There are activities for everyone: hiking to the top of the volcanoes, sunbathing on white or black sand beaches, snorkelling with turtles and dolphins… The 3 weeks I spent there in October 2017 were among the best of my life, and I’d love to go back someday to explore more of this incredible archipelago. Mahalo Hawaii!

Use the interactive map below (print screen of google maps – unfortunately non accessible via smartphone yet) or scroll down the page to select the article you want to read (🔴 on the map) or the gallery you want to see (📷 on the map). I hope you’ll enjoy your visit!


banana friendsalohahonolulubig island in 5 duels


mauioahubig island coast.pngbig island volcanoes