Travel stories about Japan

Find here all my stories related to my trip in Japan in 2018. I hope you’ll enjoy your reading!

First time in Japan:
9 things that surprised me
Japan, restaurant, plastic food
Right or wrong?
10 clichés about Japan
Kyoto, cherry blossoms, Daigo Ji, Japan
Kyoto, city of a
thousand temples
Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji, temple of the Golden Pavilion, Japan
Miyajima, the quintessence
of Japan
Miyajima, torii, Japan
Exploring Tokyo –
Lost in Translation
Tokyp; Japan, night, me, Shibuya
Exploring Tokyo –
The many faces of Shinjuku
Tokyo, Japan, Metropolitan Government Building, view
Exploring Tokyo – One day
in Harajuku and Shibuya
Tokyo, Shibuya crossing, Japan
Exploring Tokyo – 5 spots
to admire the cherry blossoms
Tokyo, Shinjuku, Gyoen Park, Japan


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