Welcome Inside My Backpack!

From 2016 to 2019, I visited more than 15 countries around the world, sometimes for a brief stopover, sometimes for a longer stay, and up to almost a year and a half in Australia. These were the best three years of my life! I wanted to tell other people why I loved travelling so much and I always enjoyed writing, so in 2017 I decided to create this website.


My goal was to share my personal experience and my best tips with other travellers, in a reponsible way and always respectful of the environment. Since I started this adventure, I wrote more than 50 articles describing my favourite places and my greatest memories as a backpacker. You’ll find them in a menu called “Destinations“, classified per country that I visited. I also love photography and if you want to see the best pictures I took during my trips, click on the menu “Gallery“.

Finally, I am now opening a brand-new Blog page where I’ll be sharing a lot of different things with you in the future. Stay tuned!

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly and to follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

I hope that you’ll enjoy having a glimpse Inside My Backpack!

🇫🇷 Bienvenue sur Inside My Backpack ! 🇫🇷

Envie de jeter un coup d’œil sur ce qui se cache à l’intérieur de mon sac à dos ? Ce site est intégralement traduit en français ! Cliquez sur “Version Française” dans le menu pour le découvrir.


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