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What to do in… Australia 🇦🇺

12 places to explore in the south-east of the country, a road trip in Tasmania or 10 unmissable activities in Sydney, find here all my itineraries suggestions around Australia!

The Sydney Opera House
A kangaroo at sunrise on the beach of Cape Hillsborough
A kangaroo at sunrise on the beach of Cape Hillsborough
What to do… between Melbourne and Sydney

Most people travelling between Melbourne and Sydney take the direct Hume Highway. But another less frequented route also exists: the Princes Highway. This road will allow you to discover stunning beaches, cute towns, and even a koala island! So if you’re going on a road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, here are 12 places you have to see along the Princes Highway.

12 places you have to see between Melbourne and Sydney

What to do… in Sydney

First stop on the itinerary for many tourists visiting Australia, Sydney is without a doubt the most beautiful city in the country, mostly thanks to the fabulous bay around which it stretches. From the iconic Opera House to the beaches of Bondi and Manly, here is my selection of 10 unmissable activities in Sydney!

10 unmissable activities in Sydney

What to do… in Tasmania

Slightly smaller than Ireland, the island of Tasmania nevertheless has an incredible diversity of landscapes. I spent two weeks there in my van in January 2018, which still remains an unforgettable trip! In the two following articles, you’ll find all my best tips about the unmissable activities around the island, and my list of the greatest free spots to spend the night in your van.

Road trip in Tasmania – part I

The north-east, Freycinet National Park and the Tasman Peninsula

Road trip in Tasmania – part II

Hobart, the south, Cradle Mountain and the north-west

What to do in… Italy  🇮🇹

Italy is probably my favourite country in Europe, both for the richness of its history, for its fabulous landscapes… and for its cuisine! More suggestions of itineraries will follow, but for now come explore Naples and Campania with me!

Amalfi Coast
The forum of Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius in the background
Marina di Corricella, Procida island
What to do… in Naples and Campania

Capital of Campania, Naples isn’t the city with the best reputation in Italy, and yet it really deserves a visit! Between the ruins of Pompeii, the island of Procida or the Amalfi Coast, the region has no shortage of marvels. Pack your bags and follow me for a week of holidays around Naples!

La Dolce Vita – a week of holidays around Naples

What to do in… Japan  🇯🇵

The temples of Kyoto, the island of Miyajima, or the buzzing streets and neon lights of Tokyo, find here all my itineraries suggestions around Japan!

Japan, Tokyo, Yoyogi Park
Japan, Miyajima, Itsukushima shrine
Japan, Kyoto, Gion, women, kimono
Japan, Miyajima, Itsukushima shrine
What to do… in Tokyo

Largest city of Japan, Tokyo is a metropolis full of contrasts. Between the huge and constantly buzzing boulevards, the countless temples, or the giant parks where crowds gather at the feet of the cherry blossoms in spring, there is something to satisfy the curiosity of any traveller! Find in the articles below three suggestions of walks to explore some of its aspects.

The many faces of Shinjuku

One day in Harajuku & Shibuya

5 great spots to admire the cherry blossoms

What to do… in Kyoto

With 17 Unesco World Heritage Sites spread around the city, a very rich history and a unique atmosphere, Kyoto still remains today the spiritual and cultural centre of Japan. There are more than 1600 in total and it would take a lifetime to visit them all, but here’s a selection of 9 of them that should be part of your to-do list if you’re travelling to Kyoto!

Kyoto, city of a thousand temples

What to do… in Miyajima

A giant red torii emerging from the water, a temple and a tall pagoda, wooded hills overlooking the bay: that’s the extraordinary view awaiting visitors taking the ferry to Miyajima, a little island close to Hiroshima. The day I spent there is part of my best memories of Japan! Find out why in the article below.

Miyajima, the quintessence of Japan

What to do in… New Zealand 🇳🇿

Setting of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, whose landscapes will delight nature lovers. More suggestions of itineraries will follow, but for now follow me for an unforgettable road trip on the Starlight Highway!

Banks Peninsula, New Zealand
What to do… on the Starlight Highway

In a country with no shortage of wonders, the south of the Canterbury region stands out for its beauty, just a three-hour drive from Christchurch. From Lake Tekapo to the summit of Aoraki/Mount Cook, the landscapes are extraordinary… by day and by night! Come with me for a road trip on the Starlight Highway that you won’t soon forget.

Road trip on the Starlight Highway

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